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Critical Decisions Part Two: Tech Triumphs

CTEH® principal toxicologist Dr. Alan Nye, points to a pair of box-shaped devices resting on a countertop in the CTEH® lab and sings the praises of technology. “The ability to […]

Critical Decisions: What is “Human Health Risk Assessment”?

How do we know what chemicals are safe for use around the house? How do we know which ingredients are okay for use in food products? If there’s a chemical […]

Elements of a Successful Drill

By James McCormack | CTEH® Director of Environmental Services In 2012, CTEH® was invited to participate as a consultant in over 20 drills for 13 different oil and gas companies. Drills […]

7 Preparedness Tips for Working Near the Water

By Cmdr. (Ret.) Laura Weems, CIH, CSP Working around the water adds safety concerns for employers and employees alike.  With some preparation, training, and a few items of personal protective […]

Safety Considerations for the First Responder

By Cmdr. (Ret.) Laura Weems, CIH, CSP | Senior Industrial Hygiene Manager During an emergency response, the safety and health of the affected community is paramount.  First Responders, the personnel […]

The New NORM

By David Watts, CIH | Vice President of Operations Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) have been considered an occupational hazard for decades, primarily in the mining and oil and gas […]

Changes in Blood Lead Levels of Concern – Possible Implications for Remediation of Lead-Affected Soils and Other Environmental Media

Alan Nye, PhD | Principal Toxicologist, Director of Risk Assessment The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established a new “reference value” for managing the human […]

Managing Water Intrusion and Microbial Growth

Paul Watson, CIH, CSP, CET, CMC | CTEH North East Regional Industrial Hygiene Manager Building owners and facility managers can be under a tremendous amount of pressure when their buildings […]

CTEH® Introduces Gulf Coast Regional Industrial Hygiene Manager

Ms. Kirsten Eganhouse, CIH, CSP  brings almost 12 years of experience within industrial hygiene, emergency response, safety training and occupational health. She is a board certified industrial hygienist and safety professional with […]