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CTEH Celebrates 365-Day Safety Goal

Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health, LLC (CTEH®) celebrates a 365-day safety goal, established on November 19, 2012 for zero OHSA recordable incidents. Patrick Nolan, CTEH® Corporate Safety Officer set […]

Pesticide 411: What to Watch for Around the House

The pesticides used in homes to control weeds and insects can also be harmful in large doses.  Pesticides are associated with health hazards ranging from skin rashes to respiratory irritation.  […]

Safe Use of Home Cleaning Products

Most people are aware that some of the harshest chemicals in homes are the ones we use to keep it clean.  Ammonia is found in many cleaning products, including window […]

Medicines in the Home: What You Should Know

Of the top 25 substances most frequently cited in human exposure cases in the National Poison Data System, 13 are various types of medicines, drugs, vitamins, and supplements.  This illustrates […]