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What is “OSHA HCS 2012 “ and why is it so important?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This well-worn Benjamin Franklin quote applies well to the use of what are called “material safety data sheets” (or, as […]

Suit Up: CTEH team members train on the latest safety gear

From the sealing tape and gloves to masks, breathing devices and boots, Shawn Burress knows his way around Hazmat gear. And, thanks to his expertise, so does the team at […]

Acronyms and Education: The Daily Challenges of Occupational Health

Kim Alvis lives in a world of acronyms… OSHA…COHN…RN…NIOSH…HAZWOPER…and, for that matter, CTEH. They may sound baffling, but Alvis enjoys the alphabet soup. In fact, she’s always on the lookout […]

Mobilizing for Emergencies

Last week, we posted about CTEH’s six key steps in responding to emergency situations. Our team is always prepared to leave at a moment’s notice when an incident occurs, so […]

Response Steps

When the Call Comes: CTEH’s Six Steps to Emergency Response

A train has derailed somewhere on the other side of the country and chemicals may have been released. The staff at CTEH gets the call to respond. What happens next? […]

The Science of Chemical Exposure: Common Misperceptions & What Everyone Should Know

When a train derails or a factory catches fire, news coverage almost always focuses (and rightly so) on what dangers workers and the surrounding community will face from chemicals released […]

More Toxicology Infographics: “Did You Know?”

We’re continuing with our series of “Did You Know” infographics designed to help explain the science of our business (and daily life). Check out the three latest graphics in the […]