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Spotlight on Certifications: Kim Alvis, R.N., COHN

Continuing our discussion of the certifications and academic qualifications of our staff at CTEH, it’s time to focus on Kim Alvis, R.N., COHN. We know what an R.N. is; it’s a […]

Mentoring Builds Better Professionals

CTEH has several channels through which it promotes professional mentoring in the company. Two of these are formal programs: the Senior Emergency Response Team (SERT), and our Emergency Response Consultant […]

More Certifications, More Knowledge When It’s Needed

In our continuing series on certifications among our professionals at CTEH, we are focusing this week on Senior Environmental Consultant James McCormack, MPA-MSES, CHMM. That’s a lot of initials to […]

Spotlight on Certifications: Michael Lumpkin, PhD, DABT

In our recent blog posts on credentials and professional certifications, we’ve discussed specifically the credentials of many of our employees here at CTEH. Now, we want to focus specifically on […]