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Hand Washing 101: True or False? (Part II)

Welcome back to “Hand Washing 101.” Last week, CTEH’s occupational health nurse showed us why hand washing is essential to keeping our workplaces healthy. Now, she’s back to help us […]

Hand Washing 101 (Part I)

Wet. Lather, Scrub. Rinse. Dry. While it may seem intuitive to many of us, these simple hand-washing steps have the potential to prevent thousands of illnesses each year. In fact, […]

CTEH Spotlight: Kelly Scribner, Ph.D

Kelly Scribner, PhD, has extensive experience in the fields of human and environmental toxicology; mechanistic toxicology; cell and systems biology and cancer research. We recently had the chance to learn […]

Celebrating the Life of Dr. Tom Hesterberg

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Hesterberg. Tom was not only a well-known and respected leader at CTEH, […]