Joe Leonard Spotlighted in DomPrep Journal

Hazmat specialist and CTEH senior consultant Cmdr. (Ret.) Joe Leonard recently kicked off his five-part series on CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) response training. In his first article in DomPrep Journal, he highlighted the importance of a risk-based approach and assessment for both the public and private sectors, especially in today’s tight budget environment.

Cmdr. (Ret.) Joseph J. Leonard, Jr., CTEH® Sr. Consultant

Cmdr. (Ret.) Joseph J. Leonard, Jr., CTEH® Sr. Consultant

Whether they’re from a municipal government or a Fortune 500 company, Joe notes that those who oversee training should always ask the following questions. First, “What tasks am I required to do and to what level?” Second, “Are my personnel trained and equipped to do these tasks, and are they current and proficient?” If the answer is no, he said trainers must then consider what to do to be in compliance with the laws, regulations and policies discussed. This will help them determine next steps for training.

Want to read more? Check out Joe’s full article about CBRNE response training in DomPrep. Then stay tuned for part two of his series about specific training requirements and opportunities for chemical and biological response training.

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