CTEH Spotlight: Lourdes Mahoney, CHMM

Lourdes Mahoney, CHMM
CTEH Environmental Services Project Manager

As a project manager for the environmental services division, Lourdes Mahoney, CHMM, brings a diverse set of experiences to the CTEH team. Since 2007, she has worked on emergency response, industrial hygiene, vapor intrusion, remediation, odor investigation and regulatory compliance projects. Read more about her career below:


What does a typical day at CTEH look like for you?

Every day is different at CTEH. I may start my Monday with plans to be in the office all week, but by lunch I’ll be on a plane to Canada to help with an emergency response. If I’m in the office, I’m often fulfilling “typical” project manager duties. These include tasks such as reviewing reports, staying up-to-date on training, overseeing response operations or providing project support. However, this often changes when one of my colleagues pokes their head in my office to ask if I have a minute to answer questions such as, “Have you ever heard of…” or “Have you ever dealt with…” These constantly changing tasks keep me on my toes and make my job both challenging and rewarding.


You’ve held various positions at CTEH. What led you to your current role?

I’ve been a proud member of the CTEH team for 10 years now. I worked as an environmental scientist from 2007 to 2013 and then spent two years as a project manager in the Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP) group. When I was presented with the opportunity to help the company expand its new environmental services business unit in 2015, I jumped at the chance. Here, I’ve been able to work on a variety of complex projects, including some long-term post-emergency work.


You’ve responded to more than 100 chemical releases across North America. Tell us more about this work.

Imagine introducing yourself to someone on their worst day, and everything around them is on fire. Needless to say, these types of incidents can be very stressful. When emergency responses happen, our clients rely on us to use our expertise and real-world experience to successfully get them through situations. Once deployed, our teams immediately hit the ground running to come up with efficient strategies. We provide real-time data so our clients and stakeholders can make sound decisions quickly and safely. While it can be challenging, I enjoy the problem solving. There’s also nothing like CTEH’s strong teamwork mentality. It’s great to see everyone working together to reach a common goal.


While at CTEH, you acted as the site safety lead and field operations manager for the Gulf Oil Spill. What did these roles entail?

I was initially based in Biloxi, Mississippi during the Gulf Oil Spill response. While there, I conducted daily safety briefings for nearly 200 workers; wrote site-specific safety and security plans; documented job safety analysis; supervised 20 safety observers; and reported directly to client and regulatory representatives including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Coast Guard and others. Later in the response I served as field operations manager for the Mobile, Alabama sector, where I supervised more than 30 workers who were conducting community air monitoring.


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