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Watch out! It’s National Poison Prevention Week

Did you know that poisoning is the leading cause of injury death in the U.S.? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that more than 90% of […]

Keeping an eye on the water

It’s rare these days to turn on your local newscast or open up a newspaper without being confronted by details of the latest health crisis. Take lead poisoning as an […]

Safety First

When you look around your home, you may not realize all the chemicals that surround you. Whether it’s in your bleach, wood polish, or batteries, everyday our families come into […]

Dr. Holland Interview Part 3: Research & Expertise around Diethelyne Glycol and Arsenic

In this third installment of our interview with new CTEH Senior Medical Toxicologist Dr. Michael G. Holland, we explore more of his research and expertise, focusing on diethylene glycol and […]

Dr. Michael Holland Interview Part 2: Breakthroughs and Research

In the second part of our interview with new CTEH Senior Medical Toxicologist Dr. Michael G. Holland, we ask about recent breakthroughs in his field and he expands on some […]

Pesticide 411: What to Watch for Around the House

The pesticides used in homes to control weeds and insects can also be harmful in large doses.  Pesticides are associated with health hazards ranging from skin rashes to respiratory irritation.  […]

Safe Use of Home Cleaning Products

Most people are aware that some of the harshest chemicals in homes are the ones we use to keep it clean.  Ammonia is found in many cleaning products, including window […]

Medicines in the Home: What You Should Know

Of the top 25 substances most frequently cited in human exposure cases in the National Poison Data System, 13 are various types of medicines, drugs, vitamins, and supplements.  This illustrates […]

Chemicals in the Home: What You Should Know

It may surprise you to know that we all come into contact with hundreds to thousands of chemicals every day.  In fact, chemicals represent a major component of our daily […]