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CTEH Spotlight: John Kind, PhD, CIH

Since joining CTEH nearly 10 years ago, Dr. John Kind has utilized his expansive knowledge and unique skill set to swiftly move from project toxicologist to our current director of […]

Watch out! It’s National Poison Prevention Week

Did you know that poisoning is the leading cause of injury death in the U.S.? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that more than 90% of […]

Keeping an eye on the water

It’s rare these days to turn on your local newscast or open up a newspaper without being confronted by details of the latest health crisis. Take lead poisoning as an […]

Dr. Holland Interview Part 3: Research & Expertise around Diethelyne Glycol and Arsenic

In this third installment of our interview with new CTEH Senior Medical Toxicologist Dr. Michael G. Holland, we explore more of his research and expertise, focusing on diethylene glycol and […]

Dr. Michael Holland photo

Meet Dr. Michael Holland, CTEH’s Senior Medical Toxicologist

  Dr. Michael G. Holland has more than 20 years of experience in medical toxicology, occupational and environmental medicine, and emergency medicine. He is a practicing physician who conducts evaluations of […]

The Science of Chemical Exposure: Common Misperceptions & What Everyone Should Know

When a train derails or a factory catches fire, news coverage almost always focuses (and rightly so) on what dangers workers and the surrounding community will face from chemicals released […]

More Toxicology Infographics: “Did You Know?”

We’re continuing with our series of “Did You Know” infographics designed to help explain the science of our business (and daily life). Check out the three latest graphics in the […]